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Kickstand Documentation

The Kickstand theme is optimized for merchants selling 1-5 products and just like any Shopify themes you can customize the colors, fonts and content in Theme Settings.

Customizing the header

In the Header section of the Theme Settings allows you to use a custom logo. If you would like to showcase a tagline as part of your shop as well you have the option to do so. If you are using the Customer Accounts function, this is where you can customize the names of the links that appear.



Featuring a page on the homepage

On the homepage of the theme you have the option to include a page of content. You can create pages in the "Pages" section of your admin. Once you've created your page go your Theme Settings and select from the drop down the page you want to feature. 



Featuring a product in the main page

First go to your store's admin and create a new collection with the product you want to feature in it. Then go into your Theme Settings and click on the "Sidebar" tab. Once the sidebar tab is open you'll see a "Featured collection" theme setting. Select the collection you want to feature and Kickstand will feature the first product in that collection. 

Feature even more content within the Sidebar. You also have the option to showcase Social Media buttons from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. If you are looking to offer your customers the option to sign up for a Newsletter this can be enabled in the Sidebar as well. Another exciting feature is to is to showcase your Kickstarter Funding information. 



Embedding a video in the theme

In the Theme Settings click on the "Homepage" tab, then in "Video embed code" theme setting paste your video's embed code. If you don't know how to get your videos embed code take a look how to find it.

Customizing the footer

In the Footer tab of the Theme Settings you will get full control of what content you would like to feature whether that will be a page, your business' address or a newsletter signup form (setup in the Sidebar tab). You can also help build trust with your customers by displaying Payment Icons.